Younique Postnatal Initial Doula Preparation Course.

Caring for multiples,with Younique Postnatal.

Healing Birth Trauma (I am a practitioner of the three step rewind technique)

Understanding Newborns, with Younique Postnatal.

Closing the Bones, with Developing Doulas. (I am a practitioner of this South American ritual/massage)

Nurturing Birth Doula Course.


My Training
My Ethos

My name is Sofia Citlalli Millan. My journey as a doula started with the birth of my  son. I had a hospital birth with some complications and when we arrived home, I was in a fog of exhaustion. Looking after a newborn, breastfeeding and adjusting to my new role as a mother felt overwhelming. There seemed to be little space to just be and adjust to all the changes. This made me realise how crucial it is to protect those first few  months and allow the new family to come together.

In many cultures, including my own, the first forty days after a woman has given birth are treated as a sacred, protected time. She doesn't have to cook, clean, work, shop, entertain, exercise or do anything that will put extra strain on her physically and emotionally. With family and community support she is allowed to recover, bond with her baby, sleep, feed her baby and eat well. In most parts of western Europe these traditions have been lost. Due to a number of factors, women are expected to get back on their feet very quickly. Some mothers have no family close by, have an older child to care for or their partner has to go back to work soon after the birth. Sometimes this can cause extreme tiredness and a feeling of isolation,which in turn can trigger other issues. In our fast paced world, perhaps 40 days of bed rest is not desired or even needed. However, emotional support, companionship and practical help are essential things for new mothers and families, however and wherever they live.


My priority is to make sure these first few weeks or months are a bonding and intimate time for you and your family. I will do as much or as a little as you need. Listen or talk, go out with the baby or leave you two resting while I cook you a meal. It´s my priority that families feel very well supported and encouraged.