Free Consultation 

We can meet face to face to discuss what you and your family feel you may need and to get a sense of each other. This can take place in your home, cafe or wherever suits you best.

What I Offer

- Antenatal visit. During this optional session we can discuss feeding options, baby equipment, sleep and any concerns or doubts you may have before the baby arrives. Also, it's a space for us to get to know each other better and for me to understand of the dynamic of your household.


-Emotional support. Debriefing the birth, talking and listening are some of the most essential things some women discover they need after having a child.


-Support with breastfeeding, bottle feeding, mixed feeding. I have experience with feeding babies with reflux, paced bottle feeding and basic breastfeeding knowledge.


-Light cleaning and cooking. I am happy to put a load of washing on, hoover your living room and do general tidying. I am a good cook and enjoy it enormously, so am more than happy to prepare as little or much food as you would like.


-Assistance with older siblings.


-Night time and weekend care.


-Caring for baby while you rest or have some time to yourself.


-Provide up to date information about anything related to the postnatal period. This can relate to safe sleeping, feeding, parenting styles, current NICE guidelines.


-Signposting to local services. This can include lactation consultants, yoga teachers, osteopaths, baby groups, perinatal mental health services, breastfeeding cafes, massages and so on.

Packages and Rates

My hourly rate varies from 15-18 pounds an hour. This depends on how many days/hours a week you feel you would need support. Weekend rates are the same. I also offer two postnatal packages, which can be useful if you feel you would like more ad-hoc support.

Package 1. £600

-20 hours postnatal support (to be redeemed within the first 3 months after the birth)

- A weeks worth of food in the freezer. Whenever possible I cook with high quality, organic ingredients

-Two hour antenatal session

- Unlimited e-mail and telephone support during the first three months after the birth.

Package 2. £ 1000

-40 hours postnatal support (to be redeemed within the first three months after the birth)

-Two weeks worth of food in the freezer

-Two hour antenatal session

-Unlimited e-mail and telephone support during the first three months after the birth.

I am very flexible and if you have any specific needs, please get in touch and we can find a way of finding an arrangement that suits us both.